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Brands Available



Test Meters


Palintest Test Kits

Palintest Tablets



Palintest Rapid Dissolving

Palintest Comparator

Palintest Photometer


R1 Palintest DPD No.1
(Code: AT0102)
R2 Palintest DPD No.3
(Code: AT0302)
R3 Palintest DPD No.4
(Code: AT0402)
R4 Palintest Cyanuric Acid - for Turbidity Method
(Code: AT087)
R5 Palintest Phenol Red
(Code: AT130)
R6 Palintest - for Alkalinity
(Code: AD1922)
R7 Palintest Calcium Hardness
(Code: AT0776)
R8 Palintest Total Alkalinity
(Code: AT0726)
R9 Palintest Chlorocol
(Code: AT080)
R10 Palintest Calcium Hardness
(Code: AT0772)
R11 Palintest Total Alkalinity
(Code: AD-0772)
R12 Crushing / Stirring Rods
(Code: PT502)
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------------------------------------------------------------[ Comparator ]------------------------------------------------------------
C1 Palintest Comparator Test Tubes Square 10ml -
Pack of 5
(Code: PT521/5)
C2 Palintest Comparator Chlor DPD No.3
(Code: AK031/1)
C3 Palintest Comparator Phosphate LR
(Code: AK177)
C4 Palintest Comparator Alkavis
(Code: AK192)
C5 Palintest Comparator Chlorine/5 (Free)
(Code: AK011)
C6 Palintest Comparator Phenol Red
(Code: AK131)
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------------------------------------------------------------[ Photometer ]------------------------------------------------------------

P1 Palintest Test Tubes
(Code: PT515/5)
P2 Palintest Photometer Test Tube Rack
(Code: PT501)
P3 Crushing / Stirring Rods
(Code: PT502)
P4 Palintest Photometer Round Test Tubes
10ml Glass Set of 5 for Pooltest 3 & 6

(Code: PT555)
P5 Palintest Chlorine HR
(Code: AP162)
P6 Palintest Nitratest
(Code: AP163)
P7 Palintest Phosphate LR No.1 Tablets
P8 Palintest Phosphate LR No.2 Tablets
(Code: AP177)
Only Sold As A Set
P9 Palintest Sulphate
(Code: AP154)
P10 Palintest Iron LR
(Code: AP155)
P11 Palintest Chlorine/10 DPD-XF
(Code: AP013)
P12 Palintest Chlorine/10 DPD-XT
(Code: AP033/1)
P13 Palintest Chlorine/5 DPD no.3
(Code: AP031/1)
P14 Palintest Chlorine (Total) DPD no.4
(Code: AP041)
P15 Palintest Chlorine/5 (Free) DPD no.1
(Code: AP011)
P16 Palintest Cyanuric Acid
(Code: AP087)
P17 Palintest Phonel Red
(Code: AP130)
P18 Palintest Copper No. 1 - Free Copper & Total Copper
P19 Palintest Copper No. 2 - Free Copper & Total Copper
(Code: AP186)
Only Sold As A Set
P20 Palintest Alkaphot
(Code: AP188)
P21 Palintest Calcicol No. 1
P22 Palintest Calcicol No. 2
(Code: AP252)
Only Sold As A Set
P23 Palintest Copper
(Code: AP187)
P24 Palintest Ammonia No.1
P25 Palintest Ammonia No.2
(Code: AP152)
Only Sold As A Set
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