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Daisy Showcase

Daisy Showcase


Daisy pool covers and rollers is Australia's largest manufacturer of swimming pool covers and roller systems. Our Covers and Rollers can be obtained through our Distribution Network throughout Australia.

Delivery is prompt, warranty is reliable

Make owning a pool more affordable by installing a Daisy



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Daisy has solved the aesthetics of a solar cover in your poolside setting.

Your Daisy is both beauty as well as brains. Unlike anything else available, your Showcase is a stand alone unit with it's own power source. Looking sleek and elegant, it will add a touch of class in any setting. With your cover  fully employed to deliver all  the benefits and savings a Daisy delivers, you need but to press a button to open the show and get you swimming in your warm clean sparkling pool.

First, the 'up' button will raise the lid, before pressing the 'in' wind up button to recover your solar cover back onto your roller, located inside your Showcase.

In a couple of minutes you can close the lid by pressing the 'down' button. Your Showcase is now an elegant seat or similar piece of furniture built to look good in the harshest climate.

To put your Daisy pool cover back to work, simply reverse the process by disengaging the roller and gently pulling the corner of your cover out towards the pool. Press the out button on the remote at the same time and the cover rolls back out. Finish by closing the lid using the down button.

All the electronics has the smarts to only opperate when engaged by the remote or the buttons on your Showcase, and can stop if there are any mistakes, like a crooked rewind or non alignment.

As we said, clever and good looking: a perfect combination worthy of your architectural beautiful garden pool setting. Showcase will store a surprising amount of outdoor clutter as well as scoops and toys.



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