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Brands Available



Spa Fittings - Miscellaneous

Spa Jets

J1 PPA489490
Spa Jet Complete 40mm

J2 212-7957
Mini Storm Internal 5 Point Scallop Twin Roto Grey

J3 3602
Jet std 70mm - Grey

J4 3606
Jet Pulse 70mm - Grey

J5 3616
Spa Booster Jet 110 pulse grey




1 3755
Manifold 40mm x 19mm x 2 Man
2 3760
Water Manifold Bung 40mm
3 3790GY
Silent Air Control Flush Grey
4 3817
Air Manifold 25mm x 10mm 2 air
5 3818
Blanking Cap 25mm
6 3911
Water Manifold 50/40 x 19mm
7 1082100
Body & Locknut Jetset - Barbed
8 1082200
Body & Locknut Classic 25x25mm
9 1082300
Body & Nut Classic - Barbed
10 ASF089
Venturi Air Valve Threaded White 38mm
11 ASP522
Ribbed Barb 2ins Nominal Pipe 2 Port
Piggy Back Water Manifold
12 D1950
Venturi Jet 40mm Concrete 25/15 Air

13 PPA327
Mini Spa Jet 19mm Barb

14 PPA329
Air Injector

15 PPA343
Water Manifold 12 Port

16 PPA527
Water Manifold 8 Port 19mm x 40mm
17 PPA675
Water Manifold 2 Port 19mm x 40mm

18 PPA656
Water Manifold 2 Port 19mm x 50mm

19 PPA662

20 PPA676
Air Water Manifold 1 Port 19mm x 40mm
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21 PPA778
Air Valve Turbo Charger
To be used with Item 8




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