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Bulk Chemicals

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King's Duck Solution


Spa Chemicals

Bulk Chemicals

1 WC000005
Magnapool Minerals 10kg

2 WSA065 Sodium Bicarbonate
Alkalinity Increaser/Buffer 25KG
3 WSA085 ISO Cyanuric Acid 25KG Sunscreen/Stabiliser 4 WSA044 Aluminium Sulphate
Bulk Alum 25KG
5 WSA035 Citric Acid 25KG 6 WSA055 Soda Ash/Dense
Soda Ash 25KG pH Increaser
7 WSA095 Dry Acid Sodium Bi Sulphate 25KG 8 WSA075 Calcium Chloride
Flake/Hardness Increaser 25KG
9 WSA076 Chlorine Remover Sodium Thiosulphate Penta 25KG 10 55PCC5L LoChlorPremium Strength Commercial Clarifier NEW
5 litre (4 per carton)
11 52AFSKIT LoChlor AquaFresh™ Startup Kit (6 per carton) 12 CAL005 Dais Antiscale 5 litre
(Formally named Cal Stop)
13 PRA718 Pool Stabilizer Flexi 1KG 14 PRA719 Buffer Flexi 2KG Alkalinity Increaser 15 PRA720 Calcium Hardness Raiser 2KG  
16 PCA716 Purex Pool Chlorine 10KG granular 17 A4904 Bromine Tablets 10kg

18 PCA726 Purex Stabilized Chlorine 10kg

19 GM90014 Purex pool Chlorine 10KG Tablets
20 030250PUR0 Purex Trichlor Jumbo 200gm Tablets 25kg 21 182250PUR0 Purex Tropical Algaecide Multi-Purpose 20L 22 980200PUR0 Purex Phosphate Remover 20L  
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23 PCA710 Pool Chlorine 40KG Calcium Hypochlorite 70% 24 GM90080 Stabilized Chlorine SDIC 25KG 25 GM90013 Chlorine Un-stabilize Tablets 200gm 40KG  








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