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Paramount Pool Valet In-Floor
Cleaning & Circulation System


Pool Valet Flyer

Pool Valet® Cleans Your Pool So You Don't Have To!

The Pool Valet® is an invisible, automatic pool cleaning system that operates quietly and efficiently while you enjoy your pool. Pool Valet is a simple In-Floor cleaning system built to last.
Unlike unsightly robotic pool cleaners with floating hoses that interfere with swimming, the Pool Valet is built into your pool, so you hardly know its there.

The Pool Valet Advantage

The Pool Valet is a revolutionary water circulation system that actually improves pool water quality by effectively circulating chemically treated pool water to all areas of the pool. Conventional water return lines and pool cleaners leave chemicals layered on or near the surface resulting in bacteria and algae growth.




How it works


1. Rotating cleaning pop-up jets are placed in floors, steps, benches and even spas to clean the entire pool. These jets work together to sweep debris to the pool’s main drain and skimmer area.

2.An optional MDX-R3® VGB Compliant Safety Drain effectively removes large debris.

3.The optional Debris Containment Canister works in conjunction with MDX-R3 drain. It holds large debris for easy deck side removal. Additional safety can be achieved with the optional MVFUSE Magnetic Vacuum Release System (SVRS).

4.The SDX VGB High Flow Safety Drain works together with the MDX-R3 to offer an additional layer of anti-entrapment protection. SDX also handles additional suction requirements.

5.The Pool Valet SS Package: Optional patented SwingJet ratcheting wall returns sequentially oscillate in a 90 degree cleaning arc enhancing the Pool Valet’s cleaning and circulation.

6.The Pool Valet’s Automatic Watervalve functions as the brain of the system and directs a powerful flow of water to each set of cleaning nozzles. The watervalve requires no routine maintenance, and is also 100% pressure safe.


Pool Valet's Circulation Benefits

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