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Spa Electrics Halogen Lighting

There are two main lighting styles available for concrete pool installations:
Surface Mounted Lights which are installed on the side of the pool wall.
Flush Mounted Lights (also known as a niche) which are installed inside the pool wall and expose only the face plate of the light.

Spa Electrics WN250


Spa Electrics GK6

  • Light Source: Halogen / Tungsten Globe

  • Colour: Blue, Clear, Green, Magenta & Red

  • Installation Types:
    Concrete & Fibreglass

  • Key Features: Interchangeable Lenses, Serviceable
  • Light Source: Halogen / Tungsten Globe

  • Colour: Blue, Clear, Green, Magenta & Red

  • Installation Types:Concrete, Fibreglass & Vinyl

  • Key Features:Interchangeable Lenses, Serviceable

Spa Electrics WN2RX


Spa Electrics GK6RX

  • Spa Electrics WN250
  • AquaQuip
  • Astral
  • Waterco
  • Stroud
  • Poolrite
  • Filtrite
  • Spa Electrics
  • + Many More!
Halogen Transformers

Spa Electrics LV100-12


Spa Electrics LV200-12 Dual

  • 12v AC transformer

  • 100 watts

  • suitable for 1 x Halogen light

  • Replaceable 15 amp fuse

  • Thermal overload protection

  • Toroidal coil transformer
  • 12v AC transformer

  • 200 watts

  • suitable for 2 x Halogen lights

  • Auxilary 240v Outlet

  • Thermal overload protection

  • Toroidal coil transformer

Spa Electrics RM-2 Remote Control


Spa Electrics 24V-150VA Plug In

  • Easy installation - no wiring required

  • Long life Lithium battery included

  • Multiple RM1 remotes can be used with the receiver unit

  • Weatherproof unit with an IP23 rating

  • Rated to a maximum of 10 Amps
  • Power Rating: 240v AC input ~ 24v AC output, 150 watts, Replaceable 10 amp fuse

  • Suitability: Suitable for 1 x 24v 150w Halogen light fitting

  • Protection: Features Thermal overload protection / IP45 weather protection rating

  • Transformer: Toroidal coil transformer


Brands Available



Powerite PAL

Spa Electrics



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